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Semrock FF655-Di01 Brightline Zero Shift, Hard Coat Fluorescence Dichroic Mirror


Olympus UMF-2 Filter Cube with Semrock Filters for IX BX 475nm (FITC)


NEW Semrock Cy5.5 Excitation Filter 25mm CALI-0088 Fluorescent Imaging 117764


NEW Semrock DsRed Excitation Filter 25mm CALI-0087 Fluorescent Imaging 117763


NEW XFSI-660 Semrock Imaging Filter CALI-0162 Fluorescence 117807


Semrock Bright Line Microscope Fluorescence Filter 387/11-25 for Cube


Semrock Brightline Microscope Fluorescence Filter 575/25 for Cube


Semrock Fluorescence Microscope Bright Line Multiband Filter 494/20-25 for Cube


Semrock Brightline Filter Cube for Olympus microscope YFP-2427A


Semrock Brightline TRITC Filter Cube for Nikon Ti TE2000 Microscope


NIKON Fluor Filter Cube SEMROCK 4040B NQF ZERO QuadFluor BRIGHTLINE Texas Red


Semrock Brightline FF01-580/60-12.7D Single-Band Bandpass Filter


435/40-25 Semrock Brightline Hard Coat Zero Shift Fluorescence Excitation Filter


Semrock Brightline Cy3 Fluorescence Filter Cube for Olympus BX or IX Microscope


Semrock Spectroscopy Lens filter


Semrock laser mirror MM1-311-A


Semrock BrightLine Short Pass -- FF720-SDi01-37x60 -- Used


NEW Semrock 425AF30 CALI-0090 XBF50069 GFP FITC Background Filter 25mm 117766


SEMROCK OPTICAL BANDPASS FILTER 800nm/12, 18mm dia with C-MOUNT ir light laser


Semrock MaxDiode LD01-640/8-25


Semrock MaxDiode Laser Diode Filter LD01-640/8-12.5


SEMROCK FF01-715/LP-25 715nm blocking edge BrightLin long-pass filter


SEMROCK LM01-552-25 552nm edge LaserMUX single-edge laser dichroic beamsplitter


Optical Bandpass filter, Semrock, new in package - unopened


New Semrock 3-band Optical Assembly (PN: TMEL-0076)


Qty. 2 SEMROCK: 2" Fluorescence / Notch Filters - Laser Filters


SEMROCK FF02-632/22-25 632/22nm Brightline single band bandpass filter25mmx5.0mm


New Semrock Optical Assembly (PN: TMEL-0072) filter? sealed item


Semrock cube for olympus BX IX microscope


Olympus UMF-2 Filter Cube with Semrock Filters for IX BX 543nm (TRITC, AF546)


Olympus UMF-2 Filter Cube with Semrock Filters for IX BX 575nm (Red-X, AF568)